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Relaxing on beautiful patio



Javalina is an independently owned coffee house located in beautiful downtown Silver City, NM. For over ten years Javalina has earned a reputation for serving the town’s best brewed coffee in a quirky and relaxed atmosphere.

Javalina is the oldest operating coffee house in Silver City today, and its popularity is evident by the eclectic mix of locals that call this place their second home. At any time you could see artists finding their inspiration in our beautiful patio, friends sharing a cup over any of our many available board games, local business people quickly scanning the paper, or students taking advantage of our free wifi to do their research. The one thing that all of our weird, wonderful, and amazing customers have in common is a love for well-prepared beverages made with the best ingredients and the knowledge of just where to find them.





At Javalina we are committed to providing our customers with quality in every cup. That is why all of our coffee is brewed exclusively from beans roasted by Desert Sun Coffee Roasters in Durango, Colorado. Desert Sun beans are 100% organic and obtained directly from farmers using fair trade practices.

At Javalina it is important to us that we know that every sip of coffee we serve is a small step in improving the lives of members of our community in New Mexico and around the world. Desert Sun allows us to specify and track the origin of each shipment we receive. Sure, maybe, some people don’t care that the coffee they are drinking helps ensure the success of a female-run collective that is pioneering the fight for women’s rights in a male-dominated economy in Nicaragua, but we know. And that knowing gives us a pride that you can taste in every cup.