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June, 2017
Courtesy of Sunset Magazine-
Sunset Magazine Sunset Magazine

June, 2017
A video exploring the clay scene where one of our baristas serves coffee in an original ceramic cup by Claude Smith III.
Matador Network

May 8, 2017
At "Give Grandly" event, members of the local community, including our own Polly Cook, joined together to raise nearly $100,000 for Grant County non-profits.
Silver City Daily Press

May 2, 2017
The mayor offers mobile office hours, and Javalina is his first pick as the perfect location to begin this new tradition.
Silver City Daily Press

February 27, 2017
Katherine Gauer and Kendra Milligan were chatting over coffee one day at Javalina Coffee House when they got an idea. That idea was to create a day when people could come into Javalina and write postcards to the legislators representing them — thus, the first Postcards for Progress was born. Nearly 200 postcards were created that day and more "Postcards for Progress" events are planned. And where was this event of bipartisan participation to be held....? Javalina of course!
Silver City Daily Press